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                               Ninja D'or 

                                                                           BECAUSE WE LOVE ANIMALS!

We love hairy stuff, like animals fur, but we like it on LIVING animals. The way how the animals are born and kept in captivity before they are killed for their skin..... is heartbreaking.

So thats why I came up with hairy bags, made with human hair .

The hair I use for Ninja D'or bags  are donated by hairdressers who are specialised in extensions.

Usualy the extensions would be thrown away after being worn by women for a few months.  As a creative person I think twice before throwing things away . Especialy because the situations in wich women donate their beautiful hair for this industry  is not always that beautiful and nice . It´s kind of  shady so more reason for me to give this beautiful hair a next round . So I am happy to wash and treat this hair with natural products when starting the creative proces. 

Every bag is a unique piece of art, there are no 2 wich are the same, because I make them by hand , just like some details and the little brandmark wich is a piece of tile , found in the beautiful nature of Ibiza. Therefor you might find some little  imperfections. Every Ninja D'or  bag comes with a certificate .

The Ninja D'or Bag has the luxury of a beautiful lining with pockets to organize your belongings .The material and fabricage is well done so very sustainable. No animal material is used for these bags. 

11% of the price goes to Peta and other organisations who help animals.





Each Ninja D'or Ibiza Bag is handmade by me. Most fabrics are bought at the store of Hermanos Escandell in Eivissa. The wooden accessory's are worked to give it a typical effect. The hair is 3th or even 4th  hand made from hairextensions donated by friends with salons in the Netherlands as well in Ibiza. Most bags have a hairstyle wich can be changed by custumor. You can braid it, curl it, straighten it and if the hair is light you can even dye it. (if not you can find it in the description) Dark hair can not be dyed by custumor ofcourse. The bags can be washed (see the instructions below) but we also offer a service to clean it for you . Shippingcosts are for the custumor . For washing and styling we charge 50 euro. Keep in mind that dying the hair is impossible if the color of the bag isn't black! 


xx Helma    

                                           Wash and style instructions.

To wash the hair seperate from the bag , you just hold the hair under a tap and rinse with water . Then massage a little amount of shampoo into the hair and rinse until water is clear. Dry very carefully and massage a little amount of conditioner . Directly rinse out with water under a tap and make sure you keep bag seperated from the hair by holding the bag in the dry area and not under the tap. Very carefully dry again with clean towel and hang your bag on a rope so that hair falls down and bag won't get wet.

Washing both hair and bag: put the bag inside out, close the zipper and fill a bowl or bucket with handwarm water and a little bit of a mild shampoo. Leave it in for about 20 minutes . Then rinse with clean water (never hot!) until water is clear. Wrap the bag in a towel and press it well. Now turn the bag in the original position again and hang it to dry. Hair can be styled after bag is dry, if neccesary you can moist the hair before styling or even use some hair      repair moisture. Do NOT brush or comb it too much and when you do, do it with tlc . Its hair, so the bag will                                                                                    probably loose some if you overdo it.                                                                                                                                     









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