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boho ibizabag hippybag designed in ibiza


We love hairy stuff, like animals fur, but we like it on LIVING animals. The way how the animals are born and kept in captivity before they are killed for their skin..... is heartbreaking.

So thats why I came up with hairy bags, made with human hair .

The hair I use for Ninja D'or  bags  are donated by hairdressers who are specialized in extensions.

Usualy the extensions would be thrown away after being worn by women for a few months.  As a creative person I think twice before throwing things away . Especialy because the situations in wich women donate their beautiful hair for this industry  is not always that beautiful and nice . It´s kind of  shady so more reason for me to give this beautiful hair a next round . So I am happy to wash and treat this hair with natural products when starting the creative proces. 

Every bag is a unique piece of art, there are no 2 wich are the same, because I make them by hand , just like some details and the little brandmark wich is a piece of tile , found in the beautiful nature of Ibiza. Therefor you might find some little  imperfections. Every Ninja D'or  bag comes with a certificate .

The Ninja D'or  Bag has the luxery of a beautiful lining with pockets to organize your belongings .The material and fabricage is well done so very sustainable. No animal material is used for these bags. 

11% of the price goes to Peta and other organisations who help animals.



Currently living my  dream in Ibiza, enjoying the beautiful nature of this island , I am very inspired here and happy to create !


Every few months I stay in the Netherlands for a few weeks to work on my tattoo art. 

As a tattoo artist there wasn't much time for painting or designing other then tattoo designs, but the situation in the world changed everything so after 20 years I found the time and rest to be creative in other ways again. This feeling is absolute mindblowing. So this year (2023) I came up with Ninja D'or , I hope you like it!  

female designer living in Ibiza
ibizagirl vegan fashion designerbag ibiza

Each Ninja D'or Ibiza Bag is an unique piece (of art) , like a painting :  you only find one of a kind of each bag, like your own wearable piece of art. If you see one you like but its sold, please send me an email so I can add your name to the waiting-list for when a similair one is available.


 All the bags have a little mark somewhere in the corner. It's one of the mozaic pieces I collected during my walks in the beautiful nature of Ibiza. They all are different , definitly not perfect but therefor as perfect as they can be , just like the bags themselfs : perfectly imperfect creations made by a happy soul in the high vibrations of the beautiful island of                Ibiza!

              Every bag comes with a certificate of authenticity. 

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